Alamo Date

August 5th, 2019

Jane and worked at home today. And then we went on a date to Alamo Drafthouse. There is a series there that shows older movies. We saw Domino by Tony Scott. Crazy, both a knock off of Tarantinoesque style and a forerunner of hyper American gun movie.


August 1st, 2019

Or first try.

We were to load in the flying system from Chicago Flyhouse into NYLA. But the truck didn’t show up. So we sent everyone home and sort of had a long talk with Alice. And went home and got a bit more rest.

Day 18

August 1st, 2019

of 20. Today the artists were in a bit better shape. Alice, upon realizing that we only have two more days left and that they will have to be spent mostly organizing the showing, said “my mind and heart totally want this to keep going but my body could quit right now.

We only worked until 4pm today. To get a little bit of rest. It might have been better to take that time in the morning but Alice had to go off to a meeting at 3:30pm.

I got some calls in to the Triptych venues for the fall. And inserted the updates from the team into the rider.

Also I updated my Vectorworks license until September 2021. US$1500+. Did I ever mention that I hate that program?

Over the Wall

July 31st, 2019

For the first day in this three week process I didn’t show up at 10am call. I went to Gelsey Kirkland studios to check out the suitability for doing a rehearsal residency for Kinetic Light. The rear studio, no. 1, owuld be the best. There are several I-Beams up there that we could rig from. Power might be a bit of a problem as the Chicago Flyhouse system require 3 phase. But probably doable.

I left the house kind of late after speaking with Suzanne at Durham performing arts. Looks like I’m going to be the local production manager for their presentation of ABT’s Giselle next March.

Then the rest of the day I was at rehearsal. Alice and Laurel were pretty trashed. I think that we’ve come up against a a wall in the process. There is a good sketch of all the sections that there are going to work on here. But there isn’t much more to do to get the work polished. There just isn’t enough time given that we have to do a showing on Saturday.

We did fun game of “telephone” where we first passed small phrases from one to another. And then did small dance phrases that we did the same with. Transforming them with every passing from person to person.


July 30th, 2019

Day 16 straight of rehearsals for Wired. I woke up pretty early. Around 6am. Did some light exercise. I had a last Kneckerbrot cracker with some peanut butter. On the way into NYLA I got a Blue Spirulina smoothy. Nice. Also a bottle of green juice for lunch which I ate with the second half of a wrap from the deli. We got out around 5:30pm. Mark and Janet both made it in. On the way home I was really starving so I stopped and ate at an old style NY Chinese place. Orange chicken. Not bad but it was a lot of meet. Now I’m quite full. The water still tastes a little weird at the house. Almost like there is lemon added to it or something. I through away our old Brita (it was really banged up) because I thought it was causing the taste. But with the new Brita it’s the same thing. I’m going to go check it straight from the tap.

On the way to L.A.

December 7th, 2015

When I started this thing back in 2007. I don’t think that there was wifi on airplanes. But now it’s free and sponsored by Amazon. I’m sitting all the way in the back. It’s like I’m in the last possible seat. I don’t acutally get it. Jetblue sends you a link to check-in. I followed the link as soon as I got the email. But there were no seats available. Except for “more room” seats which I could get for $90. They also charge for a checked bag now. I heard this airline was crap like all the others. Now I believe it.

Traveling to Hong Kong

May 31st, 2010

I’ve departed from Brooklyn to Hong Kong. My intention is to find scene shops in China to build sets for the US and Euro market. I bought a ticket on NW for about $800. I really have to get my frequent flyer thing going because I’ve lost so many flights by ignoring the whole thing over the years. The flight turned out to be a code share with Delta. Jane says that they have merged. We first flew to Tokyo. That was about a 14 hour flight. It’s really a bear to sit still for that amount of time. you can get a full night’s sleep and still have 6 hours to kill. I saw a couple of movies. I tried to watch Ice Age 2 (or whatever number their up to) but didn’t last very long. Then I watched a Will Ferrel movie with Dinosaurs. I wasn’t good, but it was exactly what you’d expect. The I watched some movie with a bunch of explosions. I can’t remember what. You can actually feel your internal clock being fucked with as you fly. We took off at about 12 noon and flew in a straight line to Tokyo which on the globe goes almost to the arctic circle. It starts to get dark around 3pm (home time) then the sun comes back up again at around 9pm, It was dark again by the time we landed which was 4am(ish) at home and 4pm in Tokyo.  In Tokyo I had a fairly short layover. I sat right in front of the gate in case I fell asleep. The flight from Tokyo to HK is about 5 hours. I think I watched another movie on that one but obviously it was unmemorable. When we landed I had no problem with immigration. I took the MTR train into Hong Kong Central for about US$12 and then a cab to the hotel for about the same. My online reservation was honored without question (whew) and they upgraded me to the business club floor. The room was not non-smoking (the unavailability of non smoking rooms the ostensible reason for the upgrade) but it wasn’t too stinky and by the next day it had aired out. The room was a pretty standard business hotel kind of room except that it had a very small kitchenette with a deep kitchen sink (with a cutting board kind of cover) two burner stove a microwave, hot water boiler and a large refrigerator. All crammed into a not overly large entry hallway. Across the street was a 7-11 open late. I was able to score a couple of beer and some munchies. I sat and checked out the TV and the chilled. It took a while for me to get to sleep and by that time I had drunk quite a bit of beer. The next morning I woke up pretty early. I felt like crap. They are right, one definitely shouldn’t drink in any significant quantity on a super huge flight. It was like low grade hangover with fluish symptoms. I have to avoid that in the future. Especially since that night i went to see a performance on CCdC and afterwards went out and drank with Anther. We went to a bar near the CCdC studios. There they brought beer buckets of something called Blue Girl. It was very very light, just like I like beer but with an alcahol content of 5%. The bottle had a kind of Bavarian theme. There were several waitresses who contstantly circulated and kept our glasses from getting empty. We must have drunk about 6  beers each. It was Anther’s birthday, but the people at the bar (who were obviously very close to him) didn’t know it. After the bar made a big to do about another patron’s birthday I mentioned to the manager that it was Anther’s birthday as well. After that they moved us to a better table and then all the waitresses came by and sat with us for a while. We played a fun dice game that Anther says is played all over China. There are 5 die in a cup. You shake the cup, put it upside down on the table then take a look at your roll.

Facebook update

May 31st, 2010

I wrote on my Facebook page today that I am in Bogota, Colombia “Checkin’ out some theaters”. Well, that’s about as good as I could have imagined for my life at one point.I remember Glen Rumsey (you may know her as Shasta Cola) describing how he knew it was time for him to leave the Merce Cunningham Company. They were performing in L’Opera de Paris Palais Garnier, one of the greatest venues any performer can aspire to play in, he was in his dressing room putting on his make up and he was miserable, totally miserable. As he sat there, staring at himself feeling so bad and wondering how this could be at such a pinnacle of success he knew it was time to move on.Late last night I wrote on my Facebook page that I was in Bogota Colombia “Checkin’ out some theaters”. I suppose I only did so to impress my friends, why else write anything there? But I guess that I’m not all that impressed with myself in the end. It’s just what I do? Am I miserable? Nope, not like Glen was, I have been like that in the past and I’m nowhere near that yet. But I am at that point where I’ve got to move into new challenges. I want to do things that do impress me.I’ve got to build some sets in China.I’m having some really stupid delays. I decided to find a graphic artist online. I found one whose work I like but prepress stuff have really stumped us.I also have taken on a lot of work that needed to get done. Pretty cool work, but work that doesn’t really impress me, even if the money has been better than I’ve usually gotten paid. I need to get this done.I’m sitting here with Maria Rita Stumpf in the lobby of the in the hotel in Bogota. We visited a theater today. I walked around the stage and pronounced it “OK” with two thumbs up. We’ve been traveling together for three days. We get along well but we’ve gotten to the point we haven’t much left to say to each other.We have a 6 hour overnight flight to New York and then I go right into meetings all day. I guess that’s the best thing just to keep me going. Then Jane and I are going to see the Donna Uchizono piece.

Tech day in Portland

October 1st, 2009

It was a fairly easy day here in Portland.

Prehang wasn’t finished so it took much longer to get focusing than it should have. But Leo did have about an hour before lunch. He wasn’t finished by dinner, however, and we were started tech at around 8:06.

The crew was fine. Good guys. The house carpenter was with us in the Schnitzer when I was there with Cunningham. He really sorted out our problems and we gave him a bottle of wine on the way out.

Tei had a rough night from food poisoning. None of the rest of us who ate oysters were in trouble so he figured it was from a vietnamese sandwich he had from lunch.

We went out to get a cup of coffee found a great guy running “Cafe Velo” a bicycle driven cafe cart. He had two large pots boiling water behind him and a rack of drip set ups on the cart. You could chose your coffee and he would drip it fresh. Mine was goooood.

The cafe velo was in in the green market that appears downtown. Leo and I had lunch there. We both had tomales. Not bad but not spectacular. Only $5.

Hilary stopped by in the afternoon and I showed her around the theater, everything from spike marks to the fly system to how the lighting computer works.

We went to dinner at Indonesian Place. I had fried rice.

Rehearsal went very well. But we kind of fucked up the spacing for “Place” and Ana was quite upset, but she usually is.

Hilary came and watched the rehearsal as well. I think she had a good time.

I walked around Portland and tried to find a bar. I was able to get a beer at a place called lotus. But they closed at midnight. So I bought some beers at a deli and came home. They had a publication called “Busted” a round up of police blotter info from around the area. Something I’m sure that noone wants that kind of press.

Free day in Portland

September 30th, 2009

I met Hilary in the lobby of the hotel at about 10:30am. I had taken a walk around the block and had ducked into Columbia sportswear when she called and I popped up the block back to the hotel. We went to breakfast at a small dine in what I think she called “the pearl” neighborhood.

Then we took a trip up the Columbia river Gorge. We drove along and the weather was more or less threatening. It rained quite heavily and broke through sunny as often. We stopped at a beautiful lookout with an odd structure that had been built as the vanguard of a large resort that never materialized.

We then drove further and saw some amazing waterfalls. Jane and I had taken this same drive many years earlier when we were there with Cunningham but I was enjoying the day so much that I didn’t mention this.

We ended up in Hood River. After walking around a bit we found Rebecca Stenn’s brother Ben’s restaurant Celilio, named after some beautiful fall in the Columbia that disappeared when an power damn was built downstream. We chatted a bit and he walked us through his menu. We then chatted about some of the better restaurants in Portland and then he showed us his kitchen.

From there we drove up to Mt. Hood from the east, basically the backside from Portland. We drove along and it started to snow. We drove to the Timberline Hotel on the slopes of Mt. Hood. We arrived in bright sunshine. We walked around and checked out the 1930’s structure and marveled at it’s massive timber structure. We sat in front of a large window looking upon the peak of the mountain and just chatted for less than half an hour. As talked clouds moved in and obscured the mountain. Snow was swirling thickly.

When we left the parking lot was covered in more than an inch of snow. We got in to Hilary’s 1984 Westfalia camper and started down the hill. In very short order the van started to slide alarmingly. We stopped, gathered our composure and tried again. Again it got a little too sideways and we stopped up short. Hilary decided we had to put chains on the tires. We did so and were soon creeping down the mountain quite assuredly.

When we were clear of the snow line we took the chains off and sped into town.

When we got there we had a drink with Ana, Misha and Tei and then went off to dinner with the addition of Tom. We went to a fine old time seafood restaurant called Jake’s. Tei, Hilary, Misha and I shared oysters as an appetizer. Later I had an entry that I can’t remember and isn’t on their daily menu online, although I just had it.

It was a fine time. We all went home to the restaurant and I’m now trying to get myself into bed.

So nice to see Hilary.