Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading Vote

The result of the vote in the House of Commons is expected at about 14:30 GMT. At the beginning of the debate in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister said that his bill “learns the strong lesson of the last Parliament” and “refuses any further delay.” But Mr Johnson said: “We remain proud of our work in welcoming unaccompanied children. We will continue to fully support the purpose and spirit of the Dubs amendment, but this is not the place in this bill to do so. The European Commission will present to the Council its draft comprehensive negotiating mandate shortly after the UK`s withdrawal, which means that the EU and the UK will have a maximum of more than 11 months to conclude a negotiation that, according to the agreements negotiated by the EU with Canada and Japan, would normally last several years. It took more than five years for Canada and the EU to negotiate their comprehensive economic and trade agreement, and Japan and the EU negotiated their economic partnership agreement for nearly five years – and as complicated as they are, they are much less complicated than the partnership described in the political declaration. The prohibition of the extension of the transition period means that the UK and the EU are very unlikely to achieve the “ambitious, broad, deep and flexible partnership on trade and economic cooperation” provided for in the political declaration and, at best, to achieve only a limited free trade agreement, limited to trade in goods but not to services , while services account for 80% of the UK economy and 40% of its exports to the EU. The ban also means that there is a real possibility that the UK will .m on 31 December to 23. At its meeting on 13 December, in the format of Article 50 – that is, without Boris Johnson – the European Council reaffirmed its desire to establish as close a relationship as possible with the United Kingdom, in line with the political declaration defining the framework for future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom. After stressing that future relations must “be based on a balance between rights and obligations and ensure a level playing field”, he called on the Commission to present to the Council, immediately after its withdrawal, a draft comprehensive mandate for future relations with the United Kingdom and called on the General Affairs Council to swiftly adopt the appropriate decisions and the negotiating mandate.

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