Hh Mop Agreement

A Half Hourly Meter Operator Agreement (MOP) is a legal contract for all half-hour (HH) electricity meters and is often sold as a 5-year contract, billed directly by your meter operator. The issue of counting has often been confusing for customers since privatization, especially since the meter operator contract is no longer part of the standard delivery contract. HH-Meter customers have a real chance to reduce their meter costs while improving their coverage. It is common practice for energy suppliers to incorporate MOP and DC charges into their electricity supply contracts during the contract renewal phase. These costs can be hidden in all billing costs. The direct MOP agreement with an accredited MOP may work less expensively and offer greater benefits. If you decide to look for a new meter operator contract, you should first decide which HH MOP is best for you, depending on your needs. The best way to do this is to discuss your needs directly with HH MOP. Once you have entered into a contract, a meter installation date or contract start date must be agreed with the energy supplier. If you are a public sector company, you can tender for your HH MOP through a framework agreement. This is still a standalone agreement and is independent of any separate electricity supply contract and you will be charged directly by your meter manager for all associated service charges. Before a meter can be installed, an MOP agreement must first be concluded. After installation, the MOP contract can be agreed.

Once you have chosen your meter operator, you will have to call him and enter into a contract – they will provide you with all the necessary papers. The contract includes payment for the meter to be equipped, as well as an annual payment for the maintenance of this meter. The MOP agreement does not provide a date for the installation of the meters. You should contact your supplier to get a date for installing a meter after entering into an MOP agreement. Without this MOP agreement, the date of installation of the meter cannot be set. Yes, yes. A meter operator contract is no longer part of the standard delivery contract with your energy supplier, so you have the right to choose your own HH MOP based on your specific requirements. The result is considerable benefits. If you don`t independently appoint an HH meter operator, your energy provider will probably name one on your behalf, usually your favorite HH MOP. Please note that if you have a meter operator contract directly with a meter manager, inform your electricity supplier, especially if you switch to a new supplier, as it is no stranger to the fact that once customers are burdened by the new supplier and separately by the MOP.

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