Unity Pro License Agreement

2.2 Converted licenses for seats. At the time of entry into force, the customer agrees that a number of its permanent licenses (In Appendix B) have been terminated and that customer has granted the same number of subscription seats in accordance with Section 2.3 (Unity Object Code License). 3.1 Enterprise Support. Subject to payment of Appendix B royalties and subject to the terms of this agreement, UTECH provides CLIENT and its associated companies with business-level assistance over the life of Schedule C. Otherwise, client has access to the online forums and the “Unity Answers” knowledge base on the UTECH website and can receive support@unity3d.com e-mail responses to license key questions. You acknowledge and accept that, through access, purchase or use of the Services, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the agreement, that you have created a Unity account, whether you subscribe to the Unity newsletter, or that you are registered on the website. If you do not accept these conditions and all applicable additional conditions, you are not entitled to access or use these services. 2.13 UTECH property; The property of the customers. [*] UTECH and its associated companies own all rights, titles and interests on Unity products and associated confidential documents or information and reserve all rights and licenses on and on Unity products that have not been expressly granted to customers or its related companies under this Agreement. CUSTOMER`s rights to the unit`s products are limited to the rights expressly granted in this agreement.

The client and/or his related companies hold all rights, titles and interests on and on the associated documentation or confidential information securities and reserve all rights and licences in and on securities that have not been expressly granted to UTECH or its related companies under this agreement. We offer a special extension of the Unity web player that can store bundles of assets locally. This is allowed as part of an agreement of our business development team. In general, it is allowed to developers with a high expected revenue and not on a smaller basis. You should probably ask if your license allows you to use some unity construction on a specific platform. The answer would be in your license agreement with Unity. I suggest you read the license FAQs, and if that doesn`t answer your question, ask an IP lawyer to give you an answer. The price is valid for an annual license for access to the Unity source code. Unity Pro seat licenses must be purchased separately for each developer. No use of the unit`s source code according to the defined term. Enterprise support is required for each year of access to a unity source code. Please note that access and use of SDK PhysX (in modified form for integration into Unity products) requires euLA NVIDIA GameWorks conditions (currently available here: developer.nvidia.com/content/apply-access-nvidia-physx-source-code; access to these conditions requires participation in the GameWorks NVIDIA Developer Program).

UTECH does not deliver the PhysX SDK unless requested by the customer. (b) the assets are removed from the Unity Asset Store within four weeks of the acquisition of a licence for an asset and, notwithstanding the agreement of the parties to settle all disputes through arbitration, any party can take legal action: (a) intellectual property rights (“intellectual property rights” are patents, copyrights, moral rights, trademarks and trade secrets, but no data protection or advertising), including and without restriction on publication; (b) in cases that do not have intellectual property rights, request temporary, temporary or provisional requests for omissions (but no criminal damages); or (c) to collect royalties in accordance with the agreement.

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