Snomed Ct Affiliate License Agreement

9.2.1, without restriction, the obligation for the licensee to inform the member before exercising his rights in that member`s territory and the obligation for the licensee to enter into a licensing agreement with the member with respect to the national release of that member; Your application will be reviewed and, if successful, an agreement on the public interest procedure will be reached. You are required to report each year your progress of the project, your results and all implementations. All users of the product containing SNOMED CT must obtain a license. All programs/materials coded with SNOMED CT are considered the property of SNOMED International. SNOMED International does not levy royalties for the use of SNOMED CT in Member States or territories SNOMED International. Royalties can be charged for the use of SNOMED CT in non-member countries and are calculated on the basis of use and territory defined by the World Bank. There are two agreements that you must accept before you have access to SNOMED CT hardware. 2.1.5 Subject to paragraph 5.8, you grant end-users international release sub-licenses as long as it is necessary for end-users to use the licensee`s products. 1.1 This Appendix B contains the royalties that the taker must pay for his business in non-member states. 3.7.2 The licensee returns to the licensee a licensee or acquires a license from the licensee member (or, if applicable, part of that extension or part of it) under the same conditions; In April 2007, the United States became one of nine chartered members of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), which owns the Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT). This is why UMLS Metathesaurus licensees have access to SNOMED CT (English and Spanish versions) as part of the UMLS Metathesaurus and in its native file formats.

1.3 The licensee may, at its sole discretion, waive the obligation for the licensee to pay any of the royalties covered in this Schedule B, if the donor believes that the taker`s activities in a non-member State are responsible for charitable or humanitarian works in that non-member country. Any waiver granted by the licensee under this paragraph 1.3 may be revoked by the licensee at any time, does not affect other rights and remedies of the donor under this licensing agreement, and does not exempt the licensee from its other obligations under this licence agreement. As part of the licensing agreement with IHTSDO, Canada Health Infoway, as a member state, has the right to translate the SNOMED CT International version. 5.7 The licensee must, since then, notify in writing of any end-user who reasonably considers that he has issued a notification of termination for any reason and, in any event, no later than ninety (90) days after the delivery of such termination, such a termination that the licensee reasonably thinks as a current user of a licensed product and in each Member State where the taker has marketed or authorised a product of licence.

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