Drafting Commercial Agreements 2Nd Edition

This special ISBN edition is not currently available. “The range of flexible and adaptable precedents in this convenient volume should help you make quick and easy deals.” Stuart Cakebread has been practising at the London Bar for over 25 years. As a lawyer at Selborne Chambers, his main areas of expertise are trade, partnership and intellectual property, banking and international arbitration and trade law. Stuart has extensive experience in consulting, developing and conducting processes and has recently performed in many widely used cases. The model clauses and chords are reproduced on a CD-ROM that accompanies the book, which allows a simple adaptation and saves you time and money. Description of the book Unviersal Law Publishing Co, 2014. Connected. Status: New. State Dust Veston: New. 1st edition.

Content: preface. 1. Projects, previous forms a preliminary note. 2. Corporate law: forms and precedents. 3. General trade agreements. 4.

Intellectual property. 5. Franchise agreements. 6. Project funding. 7. Acts. 8.

Bonds. 9. commitments. 10. Arbitration. 11. Rent. 12. Trust. 13. Company.

14. Procuration. 15. Communications and confirmations. Theme index. The development of partnership and trade agreements focuses on the effective structuring of commercial contracts, with particular emphasis on issues arising from the effective management and marketing of contracts. The text is intended to assist lawyers, legal advisors and executives in the development and structuring of commercial contracts. The forms and precedents presented are examples of development that should serve as a guide. Councillors are advised to structure their agreements on the basis of projects, but at the same time it is also important to recreate projects using the forms and structures contained in the text.

The work aims to make readers understand the most important principles and approaches to generating revenue through the management of commercial contracts. The text not only highlights important issues related to contract management, but also provides an innovative analysis of important areas of business practice and contract management. The text is the first Indian resource to enter the field of commercial contracts such as share transfer and sales contracts, project financing and licensing and intellectual property management. (Veste) Seller Inventory No. 114034a The documents contained cover the most common areas of business practice and include agency, distribution, franchise, joint ventures and the sale and delivery of goods. Designing and customizing sales contracts to your customers` needs can take precious time in your already busy day. With its set of flexible and adaptable precedents, developing trade agreements can help you reach agreements accurately and efficiently. This new edition offers a user-friendly series of templates for creating and interpreting a wide range of trade agreements. Part 1 – Basic Rules, Structure and Construction of a Commercial Contract: 1. Basic Rules and Structure of a Commercial Contract;2. How a contract is interpreted – modern building rules; Part 2 – Trade clauses: 3.

limitation and exclusion;4. liquidated damage; 5. Miscellaneous; Part 3 – Specific trade agreements:6. Agency, including the commercial agency7. Buying/selling small and medium-sized enterprises:8. Services provided by the contractor; 9. distribution; 10. e-commerce;11. franchising services/goods;12. guarantees and compensation 13.

IT services; 14. joint venture; 15) equipment leasing; 16. Marketing;17. Sale/delivery of goods;18. Sponsorship. Westlaw UK`s intelligent navigation, links to primary law and powerful features combined with the know-how of our book portfolio give you a seamless, consistent and integrated search experience whenever you need to refer to the text.

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